Knighthood possesses a role-playing style vertical screen action with extremely attractive turn-based play.
At the beginning of the Knighthood, there might be people who are disappointed at the character creation that doesn’t catch the eye. They are really bizarre, so to speak. If you like the unique element, Knighthood and the game’s character set will meet. The game comes from the father of the game Candy Crush that allows gamers to choose the gender and customize the character to their liking from skin color, face, hairstyle, but whatever it looks, it still looks quite eccentric.
But on the contrary, Knighthood is fascinated by the new control mechanism, which is very suitable for mobile play and promises to create impressive combos. The game maintains a turn-based fighting mechanism with 3 characters in the squad including the main character and 2 supporting characters.

Players will tap continuously on opponents to attack and create combos, combined with a special punch that can be used multiple times to anger, thereby creating a final attack with strong attack power and epic effect. The advantage of Kighthood in fighting is that in the attack of the player, you can just surf the screen back and forth to attack multiple targets in turn or choose an attacking champion when that hero has fully charged. This mechanism has created extremely flexible, unpredictable transformations.

In other words, your attack will be limited to a certain chain of slashes. The combo sequence is “broken down”, becoming a prerequisite for you to use your sword, fist or let your champion support attack and finish the final blow.

Sometimes you will finish the enemy without finishing the attack sequence, you will be allowed to swipe the screen to complete the attack chain by moving a new target. Knighthood still maintains an indispensable element to the ARPG series, which is a series of missions to overcome, in the process of conquering and opening new areas, you will help the character transform both appearance and maximum strength.

Kighthood will certainly have many interesting activities waiting for players to explore ahead.