According to the latest announcement from Riot Games, the Pre-Season 2021 update will focus on upgrading stores and equipment, equipment will be revised in scale from A to Z.
More specifically about the number of equipment, Riot Games said it would retain about 34% of equipment, improve 33% of equipment and have about 33% of new equipment. In terms of quantity, there will be a total of about 70 new equipment and rework.

Ideal equipment system

Here are some principles and criteria to build the Riot Games ideal equipment system for League of Legends:

  • Equips provide power for early stages and important moments.
  • Equipment that satisfies players in the purchase and use.
  • Items that have the opposite of both strength and tactics, promote the purchase of smarter equipment depending on the match situation.
  • Equipment to increase the power of the playing style of the generals.
  • Clear equipment system so that players can choose equipment easily thanks to the purpose, stats or style of play.

Targets for pre-season equipment 2021

  • Buying and selling equipment is quick and clear.
  • Each general needs to make a tactical decision when buying equipment.
  • The map access opens up interesting possibilities to use your champion.
  • The equipment will have great power and they will enhance the power of your generals.
  • The iconic equipment will be kept, you will not have to learn from the beginning all equipment.

“Polished” the entire equipment

  • Equipment will have to be clear, unique and unique.
  • Consistent with 1 of 2 bias: use in certain situations (to confront a few generals or skills like Khan’s Slayer) and use in any situation (simply increase power).
  • More interesting way to build items, giving players more opportunities to buy small equipment first.
  • Equipped with a more elegant design, only add the necessary effects.
  • Equip equilibrium thanks to weaknesses and a countermeasure.

Big update for the store

All equipment will be placed in a screen frame, the location of the equipment will be easier to find. After all, all the important stats of the equipment will be highlighted so that players can easily compare and quickly make decisions.