Red Dead Redemption 2
has extremely detailed and eye-catching graphics, from snow layers to horsehair hairs, all beautifully recreated. Character gestures are also very realistic, and the characters interact with each other exactly like in real life, giving the game a very unique character, labeled Red Dead Redemption. The story in the game is also carefully invested, clearly depicting the life of an outlaw.

The Last of Us
The story in The Last of Us is somewhat more mature than the “same age” games, focusing on exploiting the relationship between Joel and Ellie and the survival factor in a world full of traps and zombies. Naughty Dog has thoroughly exploited this topic and posed a question in the players’ mind, and then at the end of the game gives an answer that makes anyone who has played through The Last of Us can not help but feel emotional.

God of War
Undeniably this is one of the few PlayStation exclusive titles to reach the top. This reboot version has changed almost the whole God of War that we have ever seen. During the journey, Kratos with his ax Leviathan Ax and his son overcame many difficulties, destroying countless enemies (of course, there are a few gods among them) to complete his wife’s will. deceased. The father-child relationship is also described in great detail and soul, with the lines carrying a certain weight. The combat mechanism is also completely renewed with a third perspective, creating a new one for this reboot version.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
The Witcher 3 is heavily focused on Geralt and the bounty hunter’s journey. With quests to find legendary monsters, the story of Geralt is closely linked with Ciri and Yennefer, combined with a vast world filled with a wealth of weapons, stories, enemies, and rows Dozens of other things for gamers to explore.

Mass Effect 2
Usually part 2 is the most impressive part, and Mass Effect 2 is a powerful testament to this. The combat mechanics, power, and dialogue system in Mass Efftect 2 have been greatly improved over the first part. Part 2 storyline will leave you tormented every time you make a decision, small or big, and of course it became one of the best sci-fi games in this decade.